Telehandler Scale


Reduce the dangers of overloading. It is a must for construction, mining and all heavy-duty applications.

A weigh system that determines the safe loading on telehandler forks is important. Weigh Point offers an affordable system remarkably accurate and readily fits most models and capacity telehandlers. The Weigh Point system accurately senses the weight on the forks of your telehandler. If the display weight is insufficient warnings of overload the augment with visual and audible alarms. The Weigh Point system comprises a set of weigh sensed fork covers that easily attach to your existing forks. The load upon these covers is transmitted by wireless to a cab mounted digital weight display.

How it works:

The system comprises of two main components: one set of weight-sensing fork covers and a digital indicator. The weight-sensing fork covers slide onto existing forks turning your truck into a mobile-weighing machine. The indicator then displays the weight of the load.


    • Patented, weight-sensing fork cover design
    • Highly accurate; 99% or better +/- 15 lbs.
    • Rugged, heavy duty construction and weatherproofing suitable for outdoor and freezer applications
    • Perfect for attaching to leased equipment
    • Does not down rate the truck capacity
    • Light-weight system; reduced shipping cost
    • Adaptable to most data equipment systems
    • Minimal truck alternation maintains original manufacturer warranty
    • Power derived from truck’s battery
    • Maintains original fork profile; adds just fractions to existing forks: 0.625” thickness, 0.5” length, 0.875” width, 0.35” lowered height
    • Made in Canada