Titan 31 Series


A one-of-a-kind weigh-scale system! The Titan 31 Series features weight-sensing fork covers - with no modification to existing equipment our Titan 31 Series can be easily removed and re-installed or transferred between trucks.

How it works:

The system comprises of two main components: one set of weight-sensing fork covers and a digital indicator. The weight-sensing fork covers slide onto existing forks turning your truck into a mobile-weighing machine. The indicator then displays the weight of the load.


    • Patented, weight-sensing fork cover design
    • Highly accurate; 99% or better +/- 15 lbs.
    • Rugged, heavy duty construction and weatherproofing suitable for outdoor and freezer applications
    • Perfect for attaching to leased equipment
    • Does not down rate the truck capacity
    • Light-weight system; reduced shipping cost
    • High overload capacity
    • Large bright LED weigh display included
    • Adaptable to most data equipment systems
    • Minimal truck alternation maintains original manufacturer warranty
    • Power derived from truck’s battery
    • Maintains original fork profile; adds just fractions to existing forks: 0.625” thickness, 0.5” length, 0.875” width, 0.35” lowered height
    • Made in Canada