Front-end Loader Scale


Lift and weigh in one smooth motion! You won’t have to waste time lifting the skid, transporting it to a floor scale, lowering the load, weighing, and raising and transporting the load to the storage area. The Load Checker provides more stability than any typical hydraulic system and eliminates hydraulic spiking and drifting.

How it works:

The high-capacity hydraulic sensing module monitors pressure at the lifting cylinder, providing an electronic signal to the microprocessor. The indicator then displays the weight of the load.


  • Accuracy: 99% full scale
  • Performs weight accumulation
  • Complete weigh cycle require just a single button push (patent pending)
  • Requires momentary stop bucket to compute
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Easy installation – 1/4” NPT installed in-boom cylinder pressure line
  • Unique 15 minute phone calibration no charge