Front End Loader Scale

The new WP92039C Front End Loader Scale

  • The accuracy meets or exceeds most other scales
  • Performs weight accumulation
  • Complete weigh cycle require just a single button push (patent pending)
  • Requires momentary stop bucket to compute
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Installation requires savvy hydraulic person to install 1/4” NPT in-boom cylinder pressure line
  • Unique 15 minute phone calibration no charge
  • End-user troubleshooting through over phone free diagnostics
  • The original end-user has lifetime entitlements after the one-year warranty expires

Bonus boom cylinder sensor now included in WP92039C scale system

  • Equalized bucket loading provides best accuracy so we now include a high capacity sensor for each of the boom cylinders
  • This added accuracy insurance is just one reason for two sensors – however a failure of either sensor doesn’t halt operations since the scale will continue to operate with just the single functioning sensor, simply recalibrate!

As a leader in industrial-strength weighing systems, Weigh Point manufactures innovative solutions tailored to fit your industry and application. We invent and develop all of our unique scales to be dynamic solutions based around top industry concerns.

View Front End Loader Scale PDF Brochure