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We are a global leader in affordable mobile weigh scale solutions, loadcells and other weigh systems for loaders, lift trucks and pallet trucks. We have top quality scales and weigh systems to fit any application and budget. We provide a wide variety of durable and reliable systems for all types of industries, from agriculture to warehousing. Whether you're looking for forklift scales or other mobile systems, you can find all your solutions right here at Weight Point.

Along with our industry leading products, we also provide expert advice on the most suitable systems for your weighing needs. For a free consultation, visit our Contact Page or call 1-800-268-7400.


Weigh Point has its beginnings and success rooted in the 1978 introduction of its popular weight sensing kits for feed Hoppers and Tanks.
These first systems are still in use today thanks to their durability and reliability. Our product line now includes a variety of systems for
use in a multitude of industries from agriculture to warehousing.

Customers can purchase our basic weigh kits and weld together bracketry and other parts themselves to save on equipment costs.
Weigh Point provides free access to our drawings to assist.

We are pleased to provide advice on the most practical solutions for your weighing requirements.
We can help regardless of your speciality, from grain to auto parts to shipping and receiving.

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