Leaf Chain Scale

Weigh Point's Leaf Chain model is ideal for weighing on the move. The lift truck scale installs quickly and easily, eliminating costly trips to a floor scale. The strain gauge load cell sensors are placed in the lift truck’s leaf chains, which send out signals that vary with the tension on the chains. Based on the signal, the indicator weight computer calculates and presents the weight on the forks.

The leaf chain system is guaranteed to be accurate 98%-99% of applied load or a maximum 15 lbs. error, whichever is greater.

The Leaf Chain Scale installs quickly and easily allowing you to eliminate costly trips to a floor scale.

  • Better than 98% accuracy and economical
  • Accumulate, count, auto zero and tare features
  •  Does not reduce lift capacity or obstruct operators view
  • Connects to printers and computers
  • Adaptable for Piece counting Cable free


** Consider the Weigh Point Fork Sensed System if greater than 98% accuracy is required**