Load Checker Scale

Lift and weigh in one smooth motion with the Weigh Point's Load Checker model

You won't have to waste time lifting the skid, transporting it to a floor scale, lowering the load, weighing, and raising and transporting the load to the storage area. The Load Checker provides more stability than any typical hydraulic system and eliminates hydraulic spiking and drifting.

Why Our Load Checker Is Popular

Weigh Point Incorporated (WPI) has almost 50 years of experience, and innovation. Both thought and execution has been at the core of what we do and it can be demonstrated with our successful lift truck Load Checker (model WP92022). Our Load Checker does not reinvent the wheel, instead we accomplished 20 years of product development in just one year.



Issues that arise from this different solution include:

  • High costs for the electronics,
  • Important to have correct timing
  • Degree of difficulty in calibration

Our competitor's traditional method of getting the greatest accuracy of weighing is to weigh during the dynamic movement of the truck (lifting up and down) and to use an electronic weigh averaging technique to determine the weight. 

Load Checker Vector Image

Weigh Point’s Solution:

Unlike competitive hydraulic actuated weigh scales, Weigh Point took the best available microprocessor-based scale monitor and customised it by reworking the software to suit our wish list for the best possible system at a mass produced price.

Weigh Point’s systems take the weight reading when the signal is stable resulting in:

  • Lower costs
  • Make it easy to calibrate
  • Provides the most accurate weighing

The Load Checker circuitry provides the most accurate weighing at an affordable cost without resorting to expensive weigh averaging systems. Easy operation is important and this is built into the Weigh Point system. The Load Checker is especially suited for Waybill weights and other shipping and receiving facility applications. Simply raise load and push the button!

Trust the system that draws from over 100,000 scale users, rather than the limited resources of a single weigh scale developer. Consider these benefits of the Weigh Point Load Checker:

  • Suits most industrial applications
  • 2-year warranty attests to durability
  • Original purchaser gets lifetime subsidised support for replacement parts
  • Easiest to operate
  • Maintains calibration
  • Fits all size lifts
  • No experts required to diagnose or service

View the Load Checker Scale PDF Brochure