Fork Sensed Scale

Choose the correct Fork Sensed Lift Truck scale system for your application

Fork sensed lift truck scales by Weigh Point Inc. (WPI) are the ultimate answer to uncompromising accuracy.

All Fork Sensed models (FS7, LTFS-5, MWS) comprise:

  • Sensed forks that replace existing forks
  • Fork covers
  • Forks are clamp type
  • Selectable ITA class II , ITA class III
  • Standard fork length is 45”
  • Wireless

Choose a system for your application from a wide selection of models.

The model FS7 system includes a set of patented sensed forks to replace the existing ITA Class II or Class III forks. A carriage to cab wireless assembly transmits the weight signal to the digital display.

The FS7 system has the legal for trade accuracy without the cost where non-trade usage is required. Furthermore, the FS7 has fewer weighing restrictions than significant mandatory legal for trade system requirements.

Good news! The FS7 can be converted to a Legal for Trade system with a simple adaption kit, since the Fs7 exceeds legal for trade certification accuracy.

The legal for trade model LTFS5 has the “no need to tweak” patented system that eliminates the expense of frequent recalibration. This is available in both ITA Class II or ITA Class III sizing.

New! We can now provide a barcode printed and scannable label with encoded weight plus helpful data such as scale truck ID, time and date.  This barcoded label (BCL) can be affixed to transport documentation, especially useful for freight cost recovery. Expected application is that the BCL attached to the waybill will be scanned at the weight station and transmitted to the office computer for billing purposes.

View the FS7 Scale PDF Brochure

This system is covered by patents and patents pending with chronology listed.
U.S. patent 6,730 861B1 – May 2004
7,669,486B2 – Mar 2010
International 2013 – patents pending

The MWS structure conforms to typical strength values associated with conventional lift truck forks.

The unique flexures formed into the fork blade are strain tested to a minimum factor of 5. For example, with ITA class II forks applied to 2500 kg. lift trucks, the Weigh Point fork set has the flexures strained to 12500 kg. lift trucks, the Weigh Point fork set has the flexures strained to 12500 kg. without loss of strength. Furthermore, the reinforced cover can withstand the stress of full load placed upon the tip fork end with placement upon the area 20” extending to the tip, however an accuracy error will occur. To accomplish attaining these strain values the fork are produced from high quality alloyed steel typically 4130 and 4140 grades.

The MWS is in the family of fork sensed scales achieving outstanding precision that permits the following accuracy claim.

Accuracy: With load centred on the forks is 99.7% applied load +/- 5 kg to 2500 kg. The patented design rejects errors caused by bending, twisting and side loading. Accuracy is maintained without need for frequent recalibration.

View the MWS Scale PDF Brochure