Fork Sensed Scale


Our Fork-Sensed weigh-scale systems offer uncompromising accuracy.

How it works:

Our Fork-Sensed systems utilizes high-capacity load cells imbedded into forks (replace existing forks). They operate with a unique, patented design that sends an accurate weight signal to a microprocessor display. The forks are capable of fitting standard pallets and are equipped with a tapered nose section.


  • Weight-sensing forks (that replace existing forks)
  • Installs in minutes for testing accuracy or short term operation - the end-user can see results immediately without undergoing costly alterations to the truck or expensive downtime
  • Time is money! Save time by cutting out unnecessary trips to a floor scale
  • Retains integrity of lift truck, scale does not need to be removed for non-weighing operations
  • Easy to operate - no extensive training required
  • Serviceability - the system can be serviced in-house by your maintenance department
  • The system components are familiar with local scale service companies
  • You choose your preferred service firm and we’ll provide the information required to keep the system running with a minimum downtime
  • Maintains the lift truck’s capacity
  • The system includes the fork assemblies thus saving the cost of fork procurement
  • Can be completely portable thus eliminating installation costs or removal expense
  • The outstanding accuracy of this system is guaranteed by its legal for trade-counterpart
  • Made in Canada


  • Capacity: two models to choose from; up to 5,000 lb,
  • Accuracy 100% (+/- 4 lb.) of applied load
  • Standard ITA Class II (other classes available)
  • Operates to truck’s capacity
  • Overload 200%
  • Graduations: size selectable
  • Units of measure: selectable lb or kg
  • Originators of world famous sensed scales
  • Patented in US, Canada, Europe

Two Fork-Sensed Models: FS7 vs. LTFS7

The FS7 system has legal for trade accuracy without the cost where non-trade usage is required.

Furthermore, the FS7 has fewer weighing restrictions than significant mandatory legal for trade system requirements.

The FS7 will weigh to full capacity and can be setup in 2 lb. steps.

The FS7 has a wireless option.

The LTFS7 is the legal for trade version of the model FS7. It requires an inclinometer to ensure the forks are parallel to the floor to operate.

The LTFS-7 is only certified to 4,400 lb. (2000 kg) and is setup in 5 lb. steps