WLC31 Electric Walkie

Medium accuracy for your electric walkie

This system can be installed in a matter of a couple of hours. Each of the fork covers enshroud each fork and require just a single swivel pin retainer. Its ideal for estimating freight weight and weight approximation for safe loading. The WLC31 Electric Walkie scale performs to specifications, utilising adequate gap clearance pallets (Typically, GMA and CHEP).

Note: It is important to recognise the scale adds additional 1/4″-1/3″ to its lowered height. Please insure your applications have adequate clearance to accommodate the extra height. This scale keeps the walkie intact for maintaining the manufacture's warranty.


The WLC31 Advantages

  • Maintains a 99% accuracy without recalibration
  • With just 2 tapped holes total modification to the truck means the manufacturer's warranty is intact and there is no other installation required except mounting the display and electrical connection
  • Remove scale instantly for service or truck or transfer to a similar truck.
  • System can function with a few as 8 load cells in system, in case of load cell failure
  • Even distribution by using multiple load cells reducing shock loading, eliminates load cell fatigue, allows continual cycling.
  • Scale system can be removed for dual truck usage e.g. half time scale installed for weighing operations
WP91631 Electric Walkie Vector Img