Electric Walkie Order Picker Scale

Add a weigh scale to the walkie for order picking in a warehouse provides accurate palletized shipments. Avoid the costly scenario of tearing down picks flagged with incorrect weights. 


WP91625 Electric Walkie

The reward of a day's installation is high accuracy for your walkie!

The installation procedure can be performed by basic mechanically skilled technicians. The patented WP91625 Electric Walkie scale covers are configured to provide a drilling template to exactly locate the weigh scale attachment. Thus, the installation require little preparation. The systems incorporates precision shear beam load cells. The weighing accuracy results are outstanding for use with GMA and CHEP pallets. Please note that small gaped pallets cannot be entered. 

Note: It is important to recognise the scale as 1/4″-1/3″ its lowered height. Please insure your applications have adequate clearance to accommodate the extra height. 


The WP91625 Advantages

  • The fit makes the difference!
  • Weigh Point's assemblies won’t bind because of precisely mating the scale to the truck.  The results are a remarkable max. error of 1 part in 500. This is a perfect feature for order picking operations!
  • For a little less cost for most other applications consider the 2 parts in 500 system
  • It is a remarkably low investment