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that slips onto

  • Comes pre-calibrated in a complete kit
    with everything from robust, sleek fork covers
    to instructional video.
  • Installed by your material handling company,
    no need to ship our for fitting.
  • Simple and smart design maintains truck
    manufacturer's warranty
  • Accurately weighs skids right on the forks
  • Lowered height raised a mere 1/3" (approx) for easy pallet entry.
  • All for about half the cost of competetive systems.

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Weigh Point’s Electric Walkie Scale Kit comes complete with sleek, rugged fork covers designed to quickly retrofit existing trucks. Our mobile weighing solution is specially manufactured to maintain low profile forks for easy clearance, and won’t reduce the walkie capacity or alter the truck’s mechanism. Equipped with a bracket mounted LED digital display, our kit also includes a comprehensive video for your local material handling dealer’s installation assistance.
Instant installation has you quickly operational with everything you need to fit your walkie or ryder, including step-by-step instructions. The Electric Walkie Kit features an amazingly easy-to-use weight computer, that is keypad programmable and ready to interface with printers and computers. With minimal alterations necessary, our walkie scale has been specially designed for quick and easy service by your local scale technician.
With other scales being problematic and expensive to service, our Electric Walkie Kit offers you long-term usage without the need for frequent calibration. This exceptional scale is designed for weighing materials on the move, and is the first choice for shipping/receiving or harsh production environments. With no moving parts or electromechanical devices to adjust, this patent pending design is elegantly simple with minimal part wear, assuring a long life of dependable service.
Invest in your organization’s profit. Weigh Point has always determined to offer unique and affordable solutions designed to save you money, while allowing you to maximize revenue at the same time. The Electric Walkie Scale Kit is not only a fraction of the upfront price of other walkie scales, but because of its simple and durable construction is an economical choice for the long haul.
• Accumulate, count, gross/net, lb/kg switchable and auto zero features.
• Powered directly by the truck, the low current draw will not drain walkie battery, with information being stored during any power interruptions.
• Retains integrity of walkie: With no interference to walkie functions the scale does not need to be removed for non-weighing operations.
• Keypad calibration and security seal to prevent tampering.
• Made in Canada.

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Case Studies
Weigh Point the First Time
A busy warehouse in Michigan, greatly benefitted from using a scale system on their electric walkie trucks. They had recently installed and put into service a competitive system, however at severe inconvenience and an inflated cost.

When approached after-the-fact, Weigh Point’s system was highly recommended for future requirements based on the following reasons:
• The original system was twice the cost of Weigh Point’s scale kit, and although extremely accurate, the 99% accuracy of the Weigh Point solution was well within the user’s specifications.
• System installation could be done locally by the distribution center’s material handling supplier, whereas the original scale required shipping the truck to an installation center in Southern U.S., adding to the bill a $700.00 freight cost plus several weeks of downtime for the truck.
• Because installation required a drastic rework of the truck’s fork assembly, the manufacturer’s warranty was subsequently cancelled. The Weigh Point system minimally alters the truck and maintains the original warranty status.

The customer was pleased with the Weigh Point approach, and has recently requested quotes for the Lift Truck system for their shipping/receiving department.

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Case Studies

Distribution Center

A case study worthy of noting involves a south western Ontario distribution center that needed cost saving techniques to improve an ever diminishing bottom line.

The operation involved handling returned goods and reconciling claims through the assessment of waybill weights, as well as receiving product and tracking for inventory shrinkage. Weights were recorded at several stages in the warehouse routing.

The warehouse utilized electric walkies for transportation, and a variety of floor scales for necessary weighing. The staff would transport the goods to a floor scale, record the weight then proceed to the next station, which was a time consuming set of operations quickly identified by Weigh Point as an area for cost reduction.

Weigh Point had the warehouse material handling company install an Electric Walkie Scale Kit, which eliminated unnecessary trips to a floor scale. Simple yet effective.

Transform Your Electric Walkies
and Riders Into Profit Centers
We offer a range of affordable solutions that turn your pallet trucks into incredibly accurate weighing machines. With accuracy of 99%, your electric pallet trucks can now do more than just move inventory. The display mounts on the bulkhead providing an easy to read digital weight display, and the low profile apron covers the forks allowing a max. 1/3” increase of the lowered height. The patent protected Walkie Kit is specially designed to retrofit existing trucks, built rugged for easy pallet entry and to exceed walkie capacity.

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Why Weigh Point?

Knowing the right weight instantly can make all the difference between profit and loss. As a leader in industrial-strength weighing systems, Weigh Point manufactures innovative solutions tailored to fit your industry and application.

Most importantly, our solutions are designed to be easy-to-install, affordable to own, and downright built tough, meaning less maintenance than the other guys. We Invent and Develop all of our unique scales to be dynamic solutions based around top industry concerns. Fully confident, we then back them up with a 1year warranty and exceptional customer service, eliminating the headaches of problematic scales.

With weighing and counting solutions from a few milligrams to a million pounds, Weigh Point has been helping our customers find the right scale for each application for over 30 years.

With 99% and better accuracy, our stationary scales are the most flexible systems available, ranging from ultra-sensitive milligram scales to platform scales able to accurately weigh up to 100,000 lbs. Every scale also features our amazingly easy-to-use weight computer. Call us anytime for information on our affordable, custom application solutions.
Designed for high-speed manufacturing and robotic systems, our load cell solutions have no moving parts and are accurate to 99.5%. Our automation solutions also offer either a PLC compatible signal, or an all-digital programmable microprocessor module ready to interface to any computer.
Imagine accurately weighing pallets right on the lift truck. Choose from three incredibly easy-to-install systems that let operators weigh pallets with accuracies up to 99.9%. Our systems are supplied in kit form with everything you need to quickly outfit your lift truck.
The LTFS provides 99.9% accuracy, fully compliant with all legal for trade applications. Accompanied by state-of-the-art electronics, the system is fully compatible with all ITA Class II, III, and IV cleat type forklift trucks. Materials can be placed anywhere on the forks without affecting accuracy. The LTFS tells you exactly what’s on your forks.
Knowing the right weight means knowing the right quantity. Our front-end loader weigh scale kits are quick and easy-to-install and built tough to last. In fact, installation can be done in a matter of an hour, meaning minimal downtime. And with in-cab digital displays, operators are provided with accurate weights instantly.
Without moving parts, load cells are one of the most innovative, accurate, rugged and easy-to-install weighing solutions available. Weigh Point provides components to complete weighing kits for almost every possible application. It’s no surprise, we even design and build affordable custom load cell solutions.